Who We Are

20645859_mlA-Med Realty Group is a leading broker of medical real estate. We have over decade of experience in assisting our clients with a variety of acquisition and sales of medical related facilities. We specialize in selling and leasing medical offices and medical related facilities located throughout California.


Our clients come to us for information to make objective decisions. Our success depends on our ability to analyze data, not just capture it. Our agents are knowledgeable in the regulatory requirements for many of the facilities we sell including the California Welfare and Institutions Code, and Title 17 and 22.

Our industry demands confidentiality. Information about operations and business workings are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. They are essential in maintaining client loyalty and trust.

Our people are motivated to seek innovative solutions. Our knowledge in the industry allows us to capitalize off of changing client needs, regulations, and market conditions. The market is cluttered with commercial brokers, but very few understand the dynamics of medical real estate.

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It’s been over 10 years that we started our endeavor to provide our clients with an alternative in facility sales and acquisitions.

Throughout the years A-Med. Realty Group has evolved its business model and organizational structure in line with changing client needs, regulations, and market conditions. We aggressively seek to find solutions for our clients and look forward to continuing to meet the needs of buyers and sellers in the medical industry.