RCFE – Most Common Deficiencies in 2014

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Community Care Licensing Quality Assurance Advocacy and Technical Support Bureau published these findings in March 2015. Below are the top 10 deficiencies in 2014 for RCFEs in order of highest to lowest percentage of deficiencies cited during an Inspection visit: • The facility shall be clean, safe, sanitary, and in good repair at all times (Regulation 87303(a) • All staff who assist residents with personal activities of daily living shall receive at least ten hours of initial training within the first 4 weeks of employment and at least 4 hours annually thereafter (Regulation 87411(c) • Licensees who accept and retain residents with dementia shall ensure that each resident with dementia has an annual medical assessment and a reappraisal done at least annually (Regulation 87705(c)(5) • Staff shall receive first aid training from persons qualified (Regulation 87411(c)(1) • Hot water provided for the use of residents shall be maintained between 105 and 120 degrees F (Regulation 87303(e)(2) • The following items shall be made inaccessible to residents with dementia: Knives, matches, firearms, tools and other items that could constitute a danger to residents (Regulation 87705(f)(1) • The following items shall be made inaccessible to residents with dementia: Over-the-counter medication, nutritional supplements or vitamins, alcohol, cigarettes, and toxic substances such as certain plants, gardening supplies, cleaning supplies and disinfectants. (Regulation 87705(f)(2) • Personnel records shall be maintained on the licensee, administrator and each employee, and shall contain specified information (Regulation 87412(a) • Centrally stored medications shall be kept in a safe locked place that is not accessible to persons other than employees responsible for the supervision of the medication (Regulation 87465(h)(2) • A separate, complete, and current record shall be maintained for each resident in the facility, readily available to facility staff and to licensing agency staff and shall contain specified information (Regulation 87506(a) .