Problems with California Nursing Homes

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The Problem(s) with California Nursing Homes

Placing your loved one into a nursing home isn’t something to be taken lightly, especially in California. The news isn’t good: nursing homes in California are racking up complaints left and right. According to the Sacramento Bee, there was a large nursing home chain that received seven times the complaints than the state average. Another chain was putting 1 in 15 residents in restraints.

So is there any way to know if this is happening at the nursing home you’re looking into? Unfortunately, the answer is no. The California Department of Public Health does not measure the quality of care in any of these nursing homes. What then ends up happening is the seniors are abused with little-to-no repercussions on the worker or nurse that’s doing the abusing.

This isn’t the first time this has been a problem. In previous civil actions, those that are loved ones of the victims blame overworked and undertrained staff that lacks the proper supervision. Without these guidelines, the seniors fall into the worst care: unchanged diapers, unanswered calls for help, and ignored sores are just a few examples.

The staff seems to be the number one problem in nursing homes. It’s no surprise that those nursing homes with poor staffing had the worst ratings overall. These poor staffing practices are hidden, however, and are incredibly infectious throughout the nursing home community.

So what can you do to stop it? Large nursing home chains tend to be the problem. If you want to make a difference, invest in a new nursing home. That way, you are the one that calls the shots and controls how your patients are treated. Don’t let your loved one be scammed by a sketchy, cheap nursing home. Call A-Med Realty today at (714) 224-0826 to start looking for a location.