Assisted Living

asisted-livingHere at A-Med Realty group we specialize in the selling and leasing medical / healthcare related businesses and real estate. Our services include:

Medium to Large facilities that provide non-medical care to the elderly population.

These type of facilities are typically funded through private pay which can come from a variety of sources, like retirement benefits, long term care insurance, and/or family contributions. Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly may also be known as Assisted Living facilities, retirement homes and board and care homes. This term is usually used to describe the higher capacity facilities.

Case Study:

  • Assisted Living: The owner of one of the largest Assisted Living Facilities in Orange County with over 200 Beds decided to sell the business and lease the real estate. A-Med Realty Group was able to tap its vast network of buyers and found an investor in the healthcare industry to make the acquisition and lease the real estate for 10 years.