Man Steals from Neighbor with Dementia

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Senior man protecting piggy bank, savings from being stolenMan Steals from Neighbor with Dementia

A man in East Orange, New Jersey is facing a 5-year prison term because he just recently pled guilty to scamming his elderly neighbor out of $50,000. His neighbor was a 90-year-old man with Dementia.

The state was considering putting his neighbor in a home, because he didn’t have any family members that were willing to help take guardianship of him. Before his accounts were frozen, however, his neighbor came in and convinced the victim to withdraw $50,000 from an annuity that he held.

The man took complete advantage of the victim, and was only caught when he was pulled over and tried to pass off the victim’s license as his own. He pled guilty to insurance fraud, theft, and identity theft and will receive 5 years in jail.

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