Developmental Services Funding Increases

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As a result of legislation, ABX2-1, recently passed in the extraordinary session of the legislature, the developmental services system will be receiving an additional amount of new funding of $500 Million beginning July 1 , 2016. Among the many things in this legislation, most service providers will be receiving rate increases. There are two types of increases that will be allocated to service providers.

Service providers who have a DDS set rate or a rate set by negotiations with the regional center will receive an increase to provide funds to increase the wages/benefits of staff that provide direct services to regional center clients. There will also be funds for the administrative component of services.

One of the most significant changes to funding will dramatically change the reimbursement rates for the adult residential model. Funding for four bed homes will now be significantly higher than higher capacity homes which are greater than 5 beds. For example, the reimbursement rate for a Level 4i facility increased from $5,878 per consumer per month to $6,334 per consumer for a facility of 5 vendored beds or greater and  $7,395 per consumer for a facility of 4 vendored beds or lower. To view all vendor rate increase please click on the links below.