Are Nursing Homes Responsible for Elderly Death?

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Are Nursing Homes Responsible for Elderly Death?

A California woman believes that a drug given to her mother by a nursing home might have been what caused her death in December of 2012. Her mother had been at that specific nursing home only 10 days before she passed. Previously, she had lived in the same home for 50 years.

The woman filed a complaint with the state after finding out that the home had used a powerful antipsychotic drug to “chemically restrain” her mother. When she turned to the Internet to do some research about the nursing home, she was surprised at how little she was able to find.

What she did find was that there was one man that was behind the majority of California’s nursing homes, and that he has had more complaints per bed than most other nursing home chains in California. However, there’s very little online that can be traced back to him.

A California law was passed back in 1997 that ordered officials to make detailed ownership of nursing homes available to the public, but even now the information is not only hard to find, but “scant and often misleading,” according to The Sacramento Bee.

So what can be done about it? California is in desperate need of newer nursing homes that take good care of their seniors and don’t contribute to the growing elder abuse problem in the state. If you’re interested in starting your own nursing home, give A-Med Realty Group a call. We specialize in buying and selling medical facilities.

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