A Change in the Nursing Home System

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Nursing Home Care

A Change in the System

“The state doesn’t know who the hell owns nursing homes,” said Pat McGinnis, the executive director of California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform (CANHR). This recurring problem is one that McGinnis has been fighting for over ten years.

In 2004, she took the state of California to court because officials weren’t following the law when it came to publishing the proper information regarding who was in charge of the nursing homes. Many of these nursing homes had multiple complaints about the mistreatment of their patients.

Now again in 2014, McGinnis has taken the state of California back to court with a complaint about how the Department of Public Heath is managing the outrageously complex nursing home system. Again, there are problems with the information that’s supposed to be shared with the public.

California has more nursing homes than any other state, but is the most behind in industry changes. The problem, according to The Sacramento Bee, is located in the chain owners. Though the federal government is not finding themselves very successful in creating more transparency within the nursing home system, their focus might be on the wrong part of the system: if there’s a problem in one nursing home, it’s likely a problem with the entire chain.

The focus should be broader than just looking at one individual nursing home at a time. The chains are the ones withholding information. Currently, many of the nursing home organizations online are too confusing in how they’re displayed on the state’s website. There isn’t a list of specific owners anywhere.

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