4 Ways to Avoid Elder Abuse

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Old Man4 Ways to Avoid Elder Abuse

No one wants to put their loved one in a scary or unsafe situation, especially if they can’t do anything to stop it. Unfortunately, this is a serious problem when it comes to elder abuse in nursing homes. Before you put your loved one in a home, make sure you know how you can help prevent elder abuse. You might not only save the life of your loved one, but of someone else’s as well.

  1. Learn the signs of abuse. If you see a frequency in foreign marks such as bruises or scratches, don’t let them blame an accident each time. Also, if they seem skittish or wary of you, something might be wrong. Don’t ignore it. Abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual. You don’t want your loved one experiencing ANY of those.
  2. Call or visit them frequently. Don’t just stop by for a quick five minutes on your way to work; make time for them, have lunch with them, and ask how they are doing. The more frequently you visit and talk to them, the more likely they might be to tell you if something is wrong.
  3. Provide a break to their caregiver. Taking care of someone 24 hours a day can be tough on anyone, no matter how easy the patient or how experienced the caregiver. When you visit, make sure their nurse—if they have one—knows they can take a quick break.
  4. Even if you don’t have a loved one in a home, try to volunteer in a nursing home if you have free time. The patients will enjoy having someone to talk to, especially if their family doesn’t visit often.

If you want to help end elder abuse, consider starting your own nursing home. If you’re interested in buying a medical facility, give A-Med Realty Group a call and we can help you get started on your own nursing home.